About Us

About Us


CHAR BBQ started about 5 years ago in Baltimore, Maryland. After hosting countless backyard BBQs, friends would compliment my meats and tell me that I should open my own restaurant one day. My friends and family nicknamed me “The Meatmaster” and I began taking requests to smoke meats for friends’ parties and caterings. After much success, I had a hunch that this love of mine could soon become my future career.

Originally, CHAR BBQ started as a barbecue delivery service and just a hobby of mine. I would develop a weekly menu and post it on social media for friends and family to pre-order. Then, on my days off, I’d smoke meats and prepare sides, sauces and rubs. The meats would be packaged by the pound and I’d deliver them around town. After a successful run of my delivery service, CHAR BBQ was born.

Now, in San Diego, CHAR has become so much more. From  BBQ competitions to pop-up events at breweries, wineries and special events, all of my smoked meats, hand crafted sauces and rubs are prepared with the same love and passion as those backyard barbecues years ago.


At CHAR BBQ, I specialize in authentic barbecue with passion and integrity. My goal is to create an experience and build a memory centered around delicious smoked meats and side dishes. Whether it be slow and low or hot and fast, Texas or Carolina style, I pride myself in providing the highest in quality and flavors.